Eyelash Curler:

Q. Does it pinch?
A. No, this curler does not pinch. Our Eyelash Curler was designed to prevent the pinching and injury that can come with standard curlers.

Q. When using this eyelash curler do you have to heat it up every time you use it?
A. Heating the eyelash curler is optional. Do not overheat the curler, this could result in harm. Please double check by touching the curler and use your hair dryer on a low setting. Be careful not to burn yourself, the Eyelash Curler should be warm to be touch.

Q. Where can I buy extra pads?
A. Unfortunately we do not sell replacement pads at this moment. We are looking though to make a 10 pieces replacement pads set and sell them separately soon.

Blackhead & Blemish Remover

Q. What is a Comedone Extractor?
It is a very quick, easy way to remove blackheads and alleviate the problems they can cause – to help your skin look more clean, vibrant and blemish-free.Our Comedone Extractor has two ends. Use the end that is closest in size to your blackhead to gently and completely remove the infected contents trapped inside.

Q. What is a blackhead?

A. A blackhead is a pin-sized blemish with a yellow or black centered appearance. Referred to as an open comedone, blackheads are the start of acne breakouts. These blemishes form inside the pore and allow bacteria to enter which leads to the red irritated bumps associated with pimples.

Q. What causes blackheads?

A. Blackheads are caused by clogged pores due to an excess oil build-up on your skin. Some other causes include poor skin care and the use of oils, oil-based make-ups and moisturizers, as well as increased sebum oil production inside your body. All of these issues cause dead skin cells or oils to build up underneath your skin and form a blackhead.

Q. How do you clean the tools?
A. Before using the tools, please sterilize with hot water and alcohol. After use should be disinfected with alcohol.


Q. Do these come with something to protect the tips?
Yes, it comes with a rubber cap to protect the ends.

Q. Can you use this for chin hair?

A. Yes, it is excellent for beard, mustache, and chin hair, as well as any other facial or body hair.

Q. Does it come in the original box?

A. It comes in PU leather Case and Deluxe branded Pouch.

Cuticle Removers:

Q. What is the difference between the half-jaw and the full-jaw? Why would you choose one over the other?
uticle cutting requires great precision – you absolutely do not want to cut any living skin and you don’t want to pull or tear at the skin with your cuticle nipper. Tearing at the nail’s skin can lead to itching, redness, and eventually unhealthy nails. To avoid damaging tears, choose a cuticle nipper with a jaw size that complements your hands. The blades on a cuticle nipper come in three sizes: quarter, half, and full jaw.
Folks with small hands or that are novice manicurists may want to start off with the smallest, quarter jaw, cuticle nipper. The small blades will give you maximum precision, ensuring you don’t cut off anything you don’t want to! Experts looking to save time, or people with larger nail beds, may opt for the larger full jaw which cuts off more at a time. The blades of a full jaw cuticle nipper can be 8-9mm long.

Q. What is the size in mm of the blade tips (1/2 jaw)?

A. These nippers are made by hand and everyone is unique, so size may slightly vary. Approximately 5 mm.

Q. Does it come in the original box?

A. It comes in PU leather Case, Deluxe branded Pouch and gift box