About Us



     We are a high quality beauty product provider specializing in beauty tools and accessories. Express Beauty Boutique founder Elaine Walker has dedicated herself to providing class products for women looking to enhance their beauty, as well as a 27 year career as a cosmetician, transforming women look in a captivating way. Building upon progress, we at Express Beauty Boutique are primarily motivated to ensure the provision of some of the beauty industry’s most fundamental desires.

     We know women love to be beautiful, and want to buy products that are long lasting and effective to their cosmetic goals, so we work to provide consumers with their choice of quality beautification tools as well as accessories.

    We also aim to create a price efficient culture among our products, so that customers feel as though Express Beauty Boutique is the primary place to buy products and accessories. Also, as a small business, our customers have the luxury of creating a closer relationship with the company, primarily, those with whom they do business. With the hundreds of online cosmetic stores, one of the goals of our company is to build an inventory for all of your cosmetic needs.

   One of the primary and most popular products sold at Express Beauty Boutique is the eyelash curler; it is an excellent beauty enhancer for your eyelashes, as well as makeup-brushes, concealer brush, brow comb and brush, blending brush, blush brush, brow groomer, powder brush, and a many other accessories and tools for buyers.

   Many companies promise high quality cosmetic products for their female consumers, but at times they aren’t able to deliver, but Express Beauty Boutique’s excellent customer services, and dedication the women’s beauty makes it a leading online stop.